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Review – Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Earbuds


Great sound quality with warm bass. Easy to use controls. Sweat-proof.


Battery life less than advertised. Bulkier and heavier than other earbuds.



The Jaybird Freedom packs a good amount of features for a cheap pair of Bluetooth earbuds. They work great for active sports mainly due to the included lifetime guarantee against damage from sweat. This makes them perfect for running.

I have been using them for about 6 months and have little to complain about. They are very durable. Just charge them and take them out for more abuse. The sound quality for music is very good. The volume can get very loud without distorting the sound.

Two volume controls and a large button make music and phone calls pretty easy to control. Holding the vol+ button down will skip to the next song. These buttons, as well as the microphone, are found on the right earpiece. This makes these headphones a little bulky and the microphone placement is not optimal for a clear phone call.



The Jaybird Freedom comes with 3 different sizes of ear tips. Also included are secure fit attachments which really help in keeping these Bluetooth earbuds from falling off your ear while running. Changing these attachments is a breeze and they seem to stay in place after prolonged use.

As mentioned before, all buttons are located on the right earpiece. Compared to other earbuds, the Jaybird Freedom look and feel a lot bulkier. You can also tell the difference in weight.



Battery life is advertised at 6 hours. In my experience, it is more like 4 hours. You can take them to the gym with you on 2 or 3 days in a row, but they will probably die on you on that third day - in the middle of squats. I usually charge them overnight after a day or two of use. A USB cord for charging is included, but no charger. You can use your phone's USB charger.

Bluetooth signal strength is average. Jaybird recommends that you keep your phone on your right arm. This due to the components being on the right earpiece as I mentioned. I personally use an armband on my left arm and have had no issues while running outside.

At the gym, I usually leave my phone somewhere nearby, no further than 20 feet, and the signal does not drop. There are certain spots where the signal would flicker but the music returns once I get past the dead spot. This is usually when walking behind a wall, column or a large machine.



All in all, I would recommend these Bluetooth earbuds for anyone wanting to try out wireless headphones for working out. The fact that they are sweat-proof makes them a perfect choice for running outside or on the treadmill. I would not recommend them if your main purpose is to take phone calls as the microphone placement does affect the voice quality during calls.

Battery life is not that great, but if you only use them during your exercise session it should last - provided you remember to charge them afterwards. They are very durable and quite comfortable.

And for $29.99 - they are a steal.

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