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Best Wireless Headphones for the Gym


Workout Headphones—A Boon to Fitness Freaks

We are all prone to head for the gym some time or another. Mostly, we end up procrastinating,however, shedding off those unnecessary pounds is quite important. And, what helps?

The answer is—working out while listening to your favorite music. You tend to swing out of control with a good rock song. It’s almost as if the iconic song, “Eye of the Tiger,”brings out the Rocky Balboa in you.

Well, you’re not to be blamed. That song has its unnervingly addictive beats. Not to mention, the association with the greatest boxer of all time.

Working out requires a great deal of time and energy. Monotony may make you turn away from the gym forever. We don’t want that, do we?

Of course, most gyms disapprove of the idea of using surround-sound systems. So the only alternative you’re left with is using headphones.

Judging headphones

You might want to ask what makes headphones appropriate for workout environments. The following points may provide you the answer:

  • Firm placement—When you put on your headphones, you don’t want it to budge when you’re listening to your favorite song. Especially not during the chorus!
  • Defying perspiration—Kind of similar to the previous point. The sweat reduces the friction between the headphones and your skin. This is quite undesirable as its effect violates the previous point.
  • Toughness—They should be able to withstand your workout punches.
  • Sound quality—They should produce the apt amount of bass because you know, it’s all about that bass. Or maybe sometimes not. Well, it’s the job of the headphones to adapt when required.
  • Noise reduction—They must reject all the extra symphonies created by the purring machines and people talking. You don’t want that to interfere with your song.

The ultimate workout headphones

There’s no absolute answer to the question of finding the best headphones for the gym. It’s best generally to use wireless headphones. But, you always run the risk of losing the battery charge.

Anyhow, it’s still better than the dangling wired headphones which interfere while you’re doing squats.

Other than the renowned Skullcandy, Koss and Monster have produced successful models of Bluetooth headphones. Koss, with its SportaProa and KSC75, and Monster with its iSport Freedom have won the hearts of many music lovers.

However, Skullcandy Grind would be a “music and sports junkie’s” first choice. Evidently, Skullcandy has gained our trust with its reliability and user friendliness.

Koss models are devoid of durability, which makes it short-lasting and prone to breakage. Monster has yet to find a way to regulate price control to make it available to a larger audience.

So high price and weak build—those are the two of our least-liked characteristics in a headphone. But you might find them tempting, although it’s highly unlikely.

Why love Skullcandy Grind?

What’s not to love? Great sound quality, the ability to stay put, long lasting—that’s just to name a few attributes of Skullcandy Grind … or pretty much any other Skullcandy headphones.

But we’ll list the details shortly. No, wait, let’s do it right away—after all, one mustn’t delay the process of helping another to choose a Skullcandy over others!


  • Fits your budget. The Grind does not make a hole in your pocket. It gives you value for your dollar.
  • Light as a feather. Well, that’s a bit exaggerated. But it is quite light compared to other bulky headphones.
  • Regards your comfort first. With foam pads, the headphones feel like a soft caress to your ears rather than a huge stereo stuck to the sides of your head.
  • That’s a quality present in all Skullcandy products. Why should this one be any different?
  • Headband moves like Jagger. It is quite flexible and hence supports your head rather than compressing it.
  • Wires are detachable—for you might have a change of mood at any particular instant.
  • Mic and remote present inside the ear cup. You can shuffle according to your needs without reaching out to your phone. The force is with you!
  • Sound quality above others. That bass makes you headbang without knowing. Don’t worry—it doesn’t interfere with your exercising. You’re still moving, somewhat.


For all penny pinchers and misers out there, this would be their best choice. Only problem—no volume control in the ear cups.

Now, it’s up to you. If this side effect seems to put you off of buying the Skullcandy Grind, that’s entirely your choice. Ask yourself— “Is this one reason good enough to make the Grind bad enough?”

Unbelievably, this is the only rip off (if you can call it that) there is. No other factor is present which will allow you to disregard this almost perfectly engineered piece of technology.

Here comes the dessert

Now that you know what’s on the market, it’s time for you to help yourselves. Find what you need and get exercising.

Other than wireless headphones, many wired headphones are appealing too. Short stature and independence from battery life may be more desirable to you.It all varies from person to person.

We all know that you need stamina that only your favorite song can bring out in you. Who can resist the adrenaline when the chorus comes into play?

On a more related noted, we strongly recommend Skullcandy Grind. It is ultra-cool judging by its looks and even better when it comes to function.It’s almost a dream come true for everyone who wants some music before warming up the muscles.

Though it may seem otherwise, we’re not trying to degrade any other brand of headphones. Koss and Monster, namely, are two other reputed industries—it’s just that their qualities do not outweigh their defects by the amount desired.

So, next time you go out for a workout, make sure you carry your headphones. They’re your substitute for glucose!


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