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Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers


When you hit the road, being able to rely upon your means of communication is everything. Although there are many headsets on the market to tempt the trucker into buying into technology, the priorities that we have used to collate this list of best Bluetooth headsets for truckers are ones that matter, and are listed as follows:

Noise Reduction – Number one on the priority list, noise reduction comes with the territory. The very fact that the driver has the noise of the road and the noise of the engine to contend with means that any other additional noise causes unnecessary distraction and needs to be avoided at all costs. Ambient noise reduction is important for truck drivers, since it can make or break the quality of calls and the driver needs to be able to concentrate on driving at the same time as talking. Noise reduction allows him to do that.

Battery Longevity – If you are away on a trip, the last thing you need to worry about is the battery letting you down. You need something that will travel miles and give you hours of use without having to worry about recharging. The Bluetooth headsets we have chosen have been chosen based upon active talk time and also idle time because that’s also an essential when traveling long distance.

Comfort – Being able to concentrate on the road at the same time as communicating is vital. Therefore the headsets that we have chosen are those that offer comfort and that will enable the trucker to wear the headset without having to think about adjustment. The headsets that are used by truckers are purely for communication. They don’t need to listen to music through them since most trucks have adequate stereo systems that are less distracting than music piped through headsets. Thus, you will find within the choices we have made that comfort was the first priority.

Sound Quality – There’s nothing more frustrating than having to adjust the position of the headset simply because the sound quality isn’t there. Safety comes first for truck drivers and having reliable sound quality is essential. Being distracted from the actual driving can be dangerous and frustrating. Thus, our choices are those which deliver the best sound quality possible.

Easy Connectivity – It should be straightforward and simple for truck drivers to connect to their devices. These are busy people and easy connectivity is a must. All of our top ten connect to at least two devices. They do not include music connectivity, since most trucks have a separate system within the standard layout.

Hands Free – This goes without question. A truck driver needs to be confident that he can handle any emergency situation and hands free is a must. Voice dialing is featured on some of our choices for this reason. Hands free is also becoming the law in many states and this allows the driver to comply with current legislation.

Over the head rather than over the ear – For stability and reliability a truck driver does need to know that the phone isn’t going to fall off his ear. With so many different models on the market, we feel that the over the head models are the easiest for the truck driver since they are never going to let him down at a moment when it would be difficult to use hand adjustments. Over-the-head is the way to go safely.

Voice operation – This has to be a plus for a truck driver. If you have to take your hands off the wheel, then this spells potential danger. Thus choose those with voice operation over those that require you to physically multi-task. It’s safer.

Resistant to movement – One of the reasons that we chose over-the-head Bluetooth headsets is for the stability they offer users. Before buying, make sure to try on the head set and see if you can move your head around easily without upsetting the stability of the headset on your head. With truck driving, you are going to have to move your head to make basic maneuvers and it is therefore essential that the headset that you choose is built to a quality standard and does not shift as you turn your head to look at mirrors or to maneuver the truck. It’s always best to buy quality.

Going on the criteria mentioned above, we have found that the preferred Bluetooth headsets for truck drivers are those shown below. Style preferences may be something that the discerning driver may take into account, and it is worthwhile looking at guarantees and durability of build. When out on the road, you need to be sure that the Bluetooth headset chosen is suited to the use you intend to give it. We’ve done the hard work for you. Now, it’s just a question of personal taste and style.

VXi BlueParrott B250-XT Bluetooth Headset Bundle: Includes AC Power Supply and Car Charger PLUS MobileSpec Replacement Car Charger (12V)

VXi BlueParrot B250-XT

No. 1 – VXi  Blue Parrott B250-XT

Topping the charts for sound reduction, this is an ideal Bluetooth headset for the truck driver. Tested by the manufacturer, one of the claims made is that the headset can knock out the noise of an 18 wheel truck and that’s some claim! As well as being able to drastically reduce ambient noise, the headset is designed to sit comfortably on the head all day. Its sixteen-hour battery life also makes it a must for the trucker who wants reliability. Adjust the volume by using the easy to use sound adjustments before the trip and you’re sure to have no problem understanding what’s being said. Easy to wear and lightweight, don’t be fooled into thinking this Bluetooth headset is a lightweight in the quality department. It isn’t. The manufacturer’s guarantee is impressive, with a range of up to 66 ft.! Want to talk privately? No problem. The headset comes with built-in encryption and it isn’t rocket science to use it.


FRiEQ Noise Canceling Wireless Bluetooth Headset

FRiEQ Noise Canceling Wireless Bluetooth Headset

No. 2 – FRiEQ® Noise Canceling Wireless Bluetooth Headset

This got number two placement for several reasons, one of them being the talk time, which is an amazing 30 hours – easily enough for the average truck driver’s journey. With solid quality construction, the headset has the usual sound reduction qualities and offers clear sound over the full 30 hour period of charge. Not only that, but there’s an impressive 600 hours of standby time, so you’re hardly likely to get let down when you need to use the set. The lightweight head set sits on the head perfectly comfortably and drivers may even forget they have it on, due to its comfort levels. Easy adjustment and potential attachment to two devices, the head set is more expensive than others, though its durability and style gives away why. The full motion microphone helps the clarity of calls which is essential for a truck driver, whose movements form part of the work being done. Solid guarantee and connectivity make this one of the frontrunners for quality and durability.

MPOW Professional Over-The-Head Driver-Feets Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Headset - Retail Packaging - Black

MPOW Professional Wireless Bluetooth Headset

No. 3 – Mpow® Professional Driver’s Wireless Bluetooth Headset  

In testing, we were particularly impressed with this budget model. Pricewise, it’s a steal at around $15 and what it offers for the money is impressive. Clear sound even in a noisy environment means that it’s an ideal for truck drivers with up to 13 hours constant talking and 200 hours of standby time – charged by a USB connection making it easy to recharge on the move. Snug fit adjustment means that you get to choose the best position for you and it’s lightweight enough to stay in place comfortably without any need to adjust after the initial adjustment. Pairing up with two Bluetooth devices, the Mpow is a practical solution for the driver on the move.

YAMAY Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset

YAMAY Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset

No. 4 – YAMAY Over-the-Head Hands Free for Truck Drivers

Specifically made with the truck driver in mind, this beauty stands out because of the number of hours available for talk time before recharging is necessary. It stands out at an impressive 18 hours with 180 hours on standby time. Again, lightweight and easy to adjust, the benefit with this headset is the cushioning that allows the headset to fit snugly and comfortably even if you are sensitive to headsets in general. Easy connectivity to 2 devices, the headset offers voice activated calling and that’s a real boost for drivers concentrating on the road. Priced at a little higher than the Mpow, we do feel it is good competition with noise cancelling and an available range of up to 30 ft.

Vtin Over-the-Head Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

Vtin Over-the-Head Bluetooth Wireless Headsets

No. 5 – Vtin Professional Over-the-Head Bluetooth Wireless Headset for Drivers  

Having all the bells and whistles of other makes, the Vtin gives a good talk time at 12 hours, with a charge time of two, making it a suitable option for the driver on the move. The headset stays comfortably on the head and the adjustment is good, meaning that you won’t struggle to hear crystal clear sound with adequate noise reduction. Drivers using this set have expressed their delight at the fact that the headset gives many of the qualities of much more expensive sets, while being easily affordable at under $25. That’s pretty good value for money. With refuse call, redial, voice dial and refuse call support, the headset is a serious contender for the truck driver on a limited budget, but who wants many of the features of more expensive sets.

Maurlibe Multipoint Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic

Maurlibe Multipoint Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

No. 6 – Maurlibe Wireless Truck Driver Bluetooth Headset with Boom Microphone

A little pricier than other models mentioned above, what we liked about this particular model is the comfort with which one can adjust the microphone and that matters when you are driving. The adjustable microphone is longer than the norm but allows personalization of the head set. The other reason this was chosen as number 6 was the Manufacturer’s money back guarantee, showing that they have confidence in the build of the product. With background sound noise reduction and all of the usual connectivity of other products, the headset gives the driver up to 20 hours of talk time with a standby time of 350 hours. That’s good cover and means that even on a long trip, its potential helps the trucker to keep in constant touch. The padding on the ear is particularly comfortable while unrestricting. The normal redial, reject call and voice dialing come as standard.

Wireless Headset SENHAI Mono M10b Multi-point Wireless Noise Cancelling

SENHAI Wireless Noise Canceling Headphone

No. 7 – SENHAI Mono M10b Multi-point Wireless Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphone Headset

The Senhai Mono M10b was chosen for several reasons. The talk time of 20 hours is impressive for this price range. With voice dialing and noise cancelling, it’s a pretty impressive lightweight, weighing in at 2.5 oz. thus meaning that you will hardly know it is on your head. The sound quality is good and the quality of build is not disappointing, even in this price range. I like the fact that you have 350 hours of idle time between charges and that’s something that’s vital when you are traveling long distance. The headset connects to two devices simultaneously and has encryption of 128 bits. Purchasers of the British version are also offered a charger for European standards.

Bluetooth Headset, Over-the-Head Wireless Headphones for Drivers, Telephone operators, Hands Free with Microphone

Kavoxii Bluetooth Headphones for Drivers

No. 8 – Kavoxii Over-the-Head Hands-free headset

Whilst coming in the range of budget headsets, noise isolation is very good, meaning that clarity of conversation is assured. The build of this headset may not be up to the standard of the higher rated sets, but it’s still pretty solid and offers a range of features which is impressive for the price. One of the things that stood out about this headset is the design because it is easy to wear and does not cause sweat even on a long hot day. The cushioning provided for the headset allows good airflow. Giving 12 hours of talk time, and up to 200 hours of standby time, this is easily practical for the trucker who would be able to charge between trips. The quality of sound is good and it is compatible with most devices.

BLUETTEK Over the Head Bluetooth Wireless Trucker Headsets

BLUETTEK Over the Head Bluetooth Wireless Trucker Headsets

No. 9 – BLUETTEK Over-the-Head Bluetooth Wireless Trucker Headset

Among the cheaper headsets, this shows promise for distance and for talk time. Offering 20 hours of talk time and 350 hours of idle time, we couldn’t resist adding this one to the top ten. This is also a good choice for people who will use it for music when they are not driving, although as mentioned before, this is not a good idea while driving a truck. Noise cancellation, hands free and all the usual features apply at a price less than $25, the design being ultra-comfortable on the head.


G-Cord ® Over-the-Head Wireless Bluetooth V4.1 Hands Free Headsets with Microphone for Drivers, Telephone operators and More

G-Cord ® Over-the-Head Wireless Bluetooth Headset

No. 10 – G-Cord Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for Drivers

Although this one didn’t make the top nine, it has merit because the volume change and multi-function buttons are so easy to locate. Yes, of course, you can connect two devices. It has the same noise reduction feature, but I like the comfort of wearing this headset and the way it is so user-friendly. Giving 15 hours of talk time and approximately 220 hours of standby time, it’s not a bad option for those who are starting out on the use of a Bluetooth cordless headset. With a price tag of under 25 dollars, one can count this as a budget purchase, although sometimes you get nicely surprised by the quality of items bought cheaply and this is no exception.


Things to look out for when buying

If you have a preference of which ear to use while driving, then make sure that you purchase a headset where the earpiece can be adjusted and which allows use of either ear. Truck drivers often find that headsets are less distracting if they can face the cab side rather than the outside of the vehicle. In this way, the headset causes less distraction.


It is vital to investigate how the controls are used and to examine how much distraction this would cause while driving. You know your own capabilities, but you also know how easy it is to take your eyes off the road. Therefore all controls should be intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to drive in comfort and safety while using the headset. The headsets chosen are one ear headsets, although the sound is heard in both ears. Some states require truck drivers to ensure that both ears are not covered and the choices I have made conform to the law concerning this. Look for the controls for the volume and test the headset before you buy since this will help you to understand exactly where you need to press to change volume or to use some of the additional features of the headset.

The range of headsets that we have covered in this report will enable people will all kinds of budgets to find the headset that will help them to stay in communication while away from home. Truck drivers have specific needs and must of course pay attention to the road at all times and it is for these reasons that we would suggest you familiarize yourself with all functions of your headset before taking to the road.

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